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Olive and Other Oils

Accardi has been importing and distributing olive oil since the company's inception. We represent many of Italy's large producers, making available fine quality extra virgin and pure olive oil.

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  Origins of Oil

We are proud to offer an extensive array of oils from different countries.  From Italy we represent some of the largest and most reputable olive oil producers. We also carry regional extra virgin olive oils, many of which have DOP recognition.


Extra Virgin and Pure Olive Oil

The difference between the two types of oil is all in the production.  Extra virgin oils are taken from the first pressing, which is always cold and mechanical, meaning no heating is involved. this produces the most aromatic flavorful oil. Recomended for dressings and finishing dishes. Pure oil requires more refining and has less olive flavor. Extra virgin oil is added to the finished product to introduce a fruity olive flavor. Recommended for sauteing.

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An essential in Italian cooking, pasta has been a staple of this company since it started.  Short and long, we have it all.  Our pasta comes from some of the largest, most respected producers in the world.

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Pasta Producers

We realize everyone has their own taste and preferences. For Italians, pasta is a staple of life, often consumed daily. We import pasta from the finest manufacturers in Italy to satisfy every dietary and culinary need. We also represent many regional artisinal producers in Italy, and local fresh frozen pasta makers.



Types of Pasta

Pasta has taken on many different shapes and forms.  At Accardi we sell over 70 difference shapes of pasta.  We also offer an array of durum flour, whole wheat, egg, and potato based pastas, as well as an extensive line of fresh frozen filled pastas.

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Tomatoes and Sauces

To get the perfect tasting sauce, you need the best tomatoes, which requires the best soil.  That is why we select our vendors who carry the best products from the sun drenched fields in Italy and California.

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Types of Tomatoes

Tomatoes and sauces come in many forms and flavors.  We carry over 20 different jarred sauces, as well as purees and pastes.  We also offer a wide variety of whole tomatoes from your typical plum tomato to the exceptionally sweet San Marzano Tomatoes found only in San Marzano, Italy, recognized by their DOP status.


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Cheese and Meat

We are proud to offer to offer a wide variety of cheeses from all around the world.  In addition, we carry an assortment of all your favorite deli products and fine meats.

Download a PDF copy of our Cheese Catalog

Download a PDF copy of our Meat Catalog


Aged Cheese

Cheese from Italy varies widely from region to region, due to age old traditions based on climate, geography, and type of milk available. From the large, aged cow milk wheels produced in the mountainous northern regions, to the smaller, younger sheep milk cheese from Tuscany and Sardenia, we offer a wide variety of the best producers in Italy.

  Buy Italian Cheese Buffalo Mozzarella 7-8.8 oz. The best gourmet food on sale online.

Fresh Cheese

Buffalo Mozzarella is the most famous of the fresh cheese produced in Italy.  We also carry fresh Italian style cheese made domestically, including fresh mozzarella, crescenza, and burrata. 

Pair these with any of our imported prosciutto or speck, and you have the beginnings of an authentic Italian antipasti!



Cured Meats

We offer every type of cured meat produced in Italy. Those that are not presently being imported are being produced by some truly authentic domestic manufactures. You won't find a wider selection anywhere else!


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Beverages & Coffee

Hydration is a necessity, why not make it enjoyable?  At Accardi we carry the elite beverages from overseas.

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Hot Items

Italians are known for some of the best coffees.  Whether it be a strong espresso or a creamy cappuccino, ground or whole bean, we can supply you with all your needs.  We also sell a wide variety of quality soothing teas from England.


Cold Items

Water is all around, but we sell only the purest from the rolling hills of Italy to the fresh springs in Fiji.  We also provide many different juices and syrups to help add flavor to your life.



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Specialties of the Far East

The Far East is not so far away anymore.  If you're looking to add a little twist to your menu we can help by bringing the other side of the world to you.

Download a PDF copy of our Far East Specialties Catalog

Pickled ginger

Authentic Asian

Although known for our Italian imports, we try and provide another dimension by offering products from all over the world.  Whether it be wasabi powder or teriyaki sauce, you can be sure to find it here.

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Vinegar & Dressings

The perfect toppings for all your cooking needs. At Accardi, we can provide you with the finest vinegars and dressings from all around, with a wide selection of flavors.

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Made with Tradition

The methods used to produce vinegar have remained much the same for centuries.  Using only the best of ingredients and extended aging processes results in the finest vinegars. Whether they are made in Spain, France, Italy, or any country, we represent the finest producers. Of course, our biggest seller is Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. The ultimate in vinegar is Authentic Traditional Balsamic of Modena, and Traditional Balsamic of Reggio Emilia.

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Mediterranean Specialties

Europeans have made a great impact on how we cook today.  The freshest vegetables and tree ripened olives can be found all along the Mediterranean coast lines and can now be brought directly to you.

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Grilled, roasted, or marinated you can be sure to find what you are looking for.  We offer a wide variety of vegetables and mushrooms in many different package types, both foodservice and retail. Our most popular are artichokes - in trays or cans, with or without stems, marinated or in brine - you choose!


Mediterranean Manner

Olives have been a staple of Mediterranean diet for centuries. We import olives from France, Italy, Morocco, and Greece. We are also your source for all things Mediterranean.


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Gluten Free

Accardi Foods is happy to be carrying a variety of gluten free items!

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Gluten Free

Gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye, is a major problem for people with Celiac Disease.  When one is diagnosed with Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disorder, the body mistakenly reacts to gluten as if it were a poison.  Thankfully there are a large amount of gluten free items offered today and we are happy to be carrying some of them.



Baked Goods, Snacks & Candy

Download a PDF copy of our Bread, Crackers and Cookies Catalog

Download a PDF copy of our Candy Catalog


Cookies and Biscotti

The best Italian Companies are represented here.


Bread, Crackers, and Croutons

Frozen par-baked bread, sandwich rolls, and focaccia. Breadsticks, crostini, and crackers. Breadcrumbs and croutons. Look no further for all bread and related products.

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Pastry Items & Desserts

Download a PDF copy of our Baking Ingredients Catalog

Download a PDF copy of our Desserts & Pastries Catalog

Download a PDF copy of the current Bindi Catalog

Download a PDF copy of the Bindi Hospitality Catalog


For the Baker

We carry an extensive line of scratch ingredients. We also offer items to save you time, such as all-natural cannoli cream and ready to fill cannoli shells.

Giovanna Gelato e Sorbet Newton MA


Frozen pre-made desserts are of the highest quality available. Change your menu as often as if you had your own pastry chef! We are now offering the full line of Bindi Desserts!

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Paper Goods & Kitchenware

With an extensive selection of paper goods and cleaning products we can help service every part of your business from the kitchen to the tables.

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Download a PDF copy of our Kitchenware Catalog



At Accardi we are committed to helping service your company and being your one stop delivery service. Look no further for your competitively priced papergoods and hardware needs.


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Seafood Items

From the highest quality canned tuna to hand packed anchovies from Sicily, we offer a wide variety of specialty seafood items.

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Sensational Seafood

Italy's coastal regions produce some of the world's finest seafood. Sicily is famous for its anchovies and tuna, and Calabria for its tuna, which is all dolphin safe. Liguria is known for its tiny, briny baby clams. Whether it be for retail or foodservice, we offer an extensive variety of specialty packed seafood items in all sizes.

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Spices, Grains, Nuts, Beans & Dried Fruits

To make the best dishes you need the best ingredients.  We can meet all of your spice needs. Our wide variety of grains, nuts, dried beans, and dried fruits, will offer you lots of options when you are planning your seasonal menus.

Download a PDF copy of our Spices Catalog

Download a PDF copy of our Grains, Nuts, Beans and Fruit Catalog



Need to spice up your menu?  At Accardi, we stock over 50 different spices that can help add a little flavor to any dish. Buying the finest products from around the world you can be sure to get the best quality with every order.


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Pastene Products

We are carrying select Pastene products to further assist your needs.  From Pastene's staple items such as their Kitchen Ready Tomatoes, we have what you are looking for!

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We carry a selection of Pastene products for all your kitchen needs.


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